Semiannual Report Basics


Listed below are some additional resources that accompany the Semiannual Report (SAR). It is recommended that you review these associated tutorials and resources to better understand the report. Review of these items is not required in order to earn CME credits. It is also recommended that before you look at the below documents, first download and review the April 2022 ISAR report as well as your individual Site Summary document. You should be looking for areas that are marked as "Needs Improvement" on your report.

User Guides and Tutorials

PDF icon Semiannual Report Guide

The Semiannual Report (SAR) Guide document provides an overview of the report, an introduction to NSQIP, any important reporting changes and programmatic updates that take place from SAR period to SAR period, an overview of all the items you will recieve, an overview of the included cases that appear in the report, a glossary of all SAR-relevant statistical terms and concepts, and an overview of the statistical modeling process used in the report.tutorial explains how to read and understand the Bar Plots included in your SAR.

Bar Plot Tutorial Video
This tutorial explains how to read and understand the Bar Plots included in your SAR.

PDF icon Adult NSQIP Reports Overview Table
This document gives detailed information about each SAR-related report and the features that you will find in each.

Statistical Explanations

PDF icon Adjusted Percentile Tech Report
This report looks at why and how we incorporate adjusted percentiles into ACS NSQIP profiling reports.

PDF icon Event Rates
This document explains the four different event rates reported in ACS NSQIP Adult.

PDF icon Interpreting Smoothed Rates
This report explains how to interpret the smoothed rate reported in the ACS NSQIP Adult on-demand application.

PDF icon Zero Events
This document responds to the common question: Why does the ACS NSQIP Adult on-demand application report event rates greater than zero when there were no events?

To access all of the current SAR-related materials (listed below), please visit the “Reports” tab of the Resource Portal. To access the Resource Portal, login to the ACS Data Platform and click on the Resource Portal tab.

Additional SAR Resources

  • Current SAR/ISAR
  • SAR/ISAR Archive
  • Interactive Site Summary
  • On-Demand Risk-Adjusted and Smoothed Rates Report
  • Case Occurrences Report