Moderator: Eric A. Elster, MD, FACS
Co-Moderator: Leopoldo C. Cancio, MD, FACS

With the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War and the current cycle of continued violence, we have the opportunity to reflect on the foundation of discovery that our forefathers created. Prior to WWI, none of the other major modern conflicts (Civil War, Spanish-American War, Russo-Japanese War, or Boer War) saw a determined effort to disseminate knowledge gained. From 1915 to 1921 over 35 manuscripts were published in the peer-reviewed literature covering topics from resuscitation to reconstruction, in many of the same journals we read today. This Panel Session will attempt to relay this first effort to capture war lessons learned in the academic arena and highlight how we are still learning.

Presentations and Speakers

The First World War in a Military, Medical and Surgical Context
Justin Barr, MD PHD

Combat Surgery Advances in World War I
Leopoldo C. Cancio, MD, FACS

Evolution of Reconstructive Care
David J. Smith Jr., MD, FACS

Legacy of WWI Military: Civilian Partnership
Eric A. Elster, MD, FACS