Moderator: Kenneth W. Sharp, MD, FACS, Nashville, TN
Co-Moderator: E. Christopher Ellison, MD, FACS, Columbus, OH

In this popular session, the panelists review 10 of the hottest topics in general surgery selected from the ACS General Surgery Communities, recent surgery meetings, and the literature.

Presentations and Speakers

Approaches to Femoral Hernia
Benjamin K. Poulose, MD, MPH, FACS, Nashville, TN

Pure Tissue Repair of Inguinal Hernia: Resurrection of a Lost Art
John L. Tarpley, MD, FACS, FWACS, Nashville, TN

Management of Symptomatic Gallstones in Pregnancy
Rebecca C. Britt, MD, FACS, Norfolk, VA

Laparoscopic Lavage vs. Hartmann Procedure for Perforated Diverticulitis
Patricia L. Roberts, MD, FACS, FASCRS, Burlington, MA

Oh, No! An Incorrect Count: Now What?
Steven M. Steinberg, MD, FACS, Columbus, OH

Hyperthyroidism: When Do I Recommend Surgery and What Is the Extent of Resection?
Herbert Chen, MD, FACS, Birmingham, AL

Current Management of Breast Abscess
Wendy R. Greene, MD, FACS, FCCM, Atlanta, GA

Incidental Liver Lesions: Treat or Observe?
Cristina R. Ferrone, MD, FACS, Boston, MA

Pneumatosis Intestinalis: Incidental or Catastrophic?
Jose J. Diaz, MD, FACS, FCCM, Baltimore, MD

Newer Approaches to Pancreatic Necrosis
Steven J. Hughes, MD, FACS, Gainesville, FL