Moderator: Erica L. Mitchell, MD, MEdSE, FACS, Portland , OR
Co-Moderator: Edward S. Shipper, MD, San Antonio, TX

The importance of physician well-being has emerged as a priority and is widely considered to be a goal of health care delivery with quadruple aim. The widening gap between societal expectations and professional reality has set the stage for physician-provider loss of empathy, burnout, alienation, depression, addiction and substance abuse, and physician/trainee suicide. The purpose of this session is to: (1) discuss principal causes of physician/trainee burnout; (2) describe the impact of the “second victim” to our health care system; (3) frame physicians’/trainees’ needs in coping with emotional stressors; and (4) report on current efforts and proposed strategies that support physician/trainee well-being and resilience.

Presentations and Speakers

Chronicled Changes in Medical/Surgical Practice for Practitioners in the 21st Century
Michael Goldberg, MD, Boston, MA

The Hidden Costs of Physician Burnout: Person and Patient
M. Ashraf Mansour, MD, FACS, Grand Rapids, MI

Physician Burnout: What Is it and Why? Effective Strategies to Combat Physician Burnout
Malachi Sheahan III, MD, FACS, New Orleans, LA