Moderator: J. David Richardson, MD, FACS, Louisville, KY
Co-Moderator: Fred A. Luchette, MD, MSc, FACS, FCCM,Chicago, IL

In response to the widespread national concern regarding the preparation of residents for independent surgical practice, the American College of Surgeons has developed a Mastery in General Surgery Program to provide newly graduated General Surgeons a personalized experience to focus on their areas of interest and additional repetition in procedures to further enhance competence, confidence, and advance toward mastery of the profession. This mentored experience provides progressive independence in a practice setting, and includes experience in practice management. This panel will highlight key benefits and present strategies from the perspectives of the program participants, national surgeon leaders, and participating institutions.

Presentations and Speakers

Program Update
J. David Richardson, MD, FACS, Louisville, KY

The Anne Arundel Experience
Brooke M. Buckley, MD, FACS, Annapolis, MD

The Wake Forest Experience – I
Preston R. Miller III, MD, FACS, Winston-Salem, NC

The Wake Forest Experience – II
Talitha Brown, MD, Winston-Salem, NC

The Geisinger Experience – I 
Mohsen Shabahang, MD, FACS, Danville, PA

The Geisinger Experience – II
Halle B. Ellison, MD, FACS, Danville, PA

The Loyola Experience
Fred A. Luchette, MD, MSc, FACS, FCCM, Chicago, IL