Moderator: Georgios Tsoulfas, MD, FACS, Thessaloniki, Greece
Co-Moderator: George C. Velmahos, MD, PhD, FACS, Boston, MA 

Hydatid liver disease, despite its limited numbers in the U.S., is quite prevalent worldwide and especially in the Mediterranean basin. The goals of this session are to describe the current extent of hydatid disease; describe changes in its management including (but not limited to) the various surgical techniques having to do with more extensive or more limited techniques and also the use of minimally invasive surgery; and describe the most frequent complications and tips to avoid them. The members of the panel will represent areas/countries with significant experience on this topic.

Presentations and Speakers

Management of Hepatic Echinococcal Disease and Its Complications
Ender Dulundu, MD, FACS, Istanbul, Turkey

Management of Thoracic Hydatid Disease and Its Complications 
Alberto R. Ferreres, MD, PhD, JD, MPH, FACS(Hon), Buenos Aires, Argentina

Management of Extra Hepatic Abdominal EchinococcalDisease and Its Complications 
Walid G. Faraj, MD, FRCS, FACS, Beirut, Lebanon

The Role of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Global Management of Hydatid Disease: Lessons Learnt in the Field
Enrico Brunetti, MD, PhD, Pavia, Italy

Diagnosis and Treatment of Hydatid Disease: What a Surgeon Needs to Know