Moderator: Julie A. Margenthaler, MD, FACS, St. Louis, MO
Co-Moderator: Lorraine Tafra, MD, FACS, Annapolis, MD

In many parts of the U.S., plastic surgeons are not readily available, and even in areas where they are available very often a plastic surgery consultation does not occur until after the initial breast surgery. This session will discuss oncoplastic techniques in regards to excisional biopsy and lumpectomy. It will review basic techniques of incisional placement and tissue transfer based on tumor location. It will also address the other tumor and patient characteristics to take into account during surgical planning for optimal cosmesis.

Presentations and Speakers

Welcome and Introduction to Pre- and Postoperative Considerations for Oncoplastic Procedures
Ronda S. Henry-Tillman, MD, FACS, Little Rock, AR

Glandular Displacement Techniques
Mahmoud B. El Tamer, MD, FACS, New York, NY

Oncoplastic Techniques for the Central Breast
Jill R. Dietz, MD, FACS, Cleveland, OH

Oncoplastic Techniques for the Upper Hemisphere of the Breast
Shawna C. Willey, MD, FACS, Washington, DC

Oncoplastic Techniques for the Lower Hemisphere of the Breast
Jennifer S. Gass, MD, FACS, Providence, RI