Moderator: Y. Joseph Woo, MD, FACS, Stanford, CA
Co-Moderator: Andrew C. Chang, MD, FACS, Ann Arbor, MI

The science of molecular profiling is moving along at a pace at which surgeons may have a difficult time maintaining a relevant and working knowledge. Understanding the fundamental aspects of this topic can help surgeons stay abreast of ongoing discoveries and also remain well versed in their interactions with their nonsurgical peers. Furthermore, a strong working knowledge of this topic can allow surgeons to recognize when genomic profiling may be of greatest benefit to their patients. Having an understanding of topics such as fundamental differences between genomics and proteomics, whole exome sequencing, the cancer genome atlas, and the role of genomic profiling guiding therapy in lung cancer and esophageal cancer, as well as favorably altering outcomes associated with cardiac surgery, can be a potentially useful body of knowledge.

Presentations and Speakers

Y. Joseph Woo, MD, FACS, Stanford, CA

Molecular Profiling in Esophageal Cancer
Dennis A. Wigle, MD, PhD, FACS, Rochester, MN

Molecular Correlates for Classification of Lung Cancer
Matthew J. Bott, MD, New York, NY

Exosomes in Heart Failure: Biomarker and Therapy
Pavan Atluri, MD, FACS, Philadelphia, PA

Serum-Based Molecular Markers of Post-Cardiopulmonary Bypass Neurologic Injury
Neel R. Sodha, MD, Providence, RI

Transcriptome Profiling in Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation
Anson M. Lee, MD, Palo Alto, CA