Moderator: Ginger E. Holt, MD, FACS, Nashville, TN
Co-Moderator: Aimee M. Crago, MD, PhD, FACS, New York, NY

Quality and efficient care of sarcomas is compromised by their rarity. One-third of all sarcomas are incompletely excised in an unplanned excision and then referred to a sarcoma center for further care. This situation incurs additional surgery for the patient, a higher risk of local recurrence, and carries a significant financial burden. This also puts the surgeon at medicolegal risk for delay in diagnosis and preventable loss of function.

Presentations and Speakers

Introduction: Incomplete Excision of Soft-Tissue Sarcomas a Persistent Problem Still in Need of a Solution
Ginger E. Holt, MD, FACS, Nashville, TN

The Aftermath of an Incompletely Excised Sarcoma
Frederick C. Eilber, MD, FACS, Los Angeles, CA and Brian Kadera, MD

What to Do When—Woops! I Removed a Sarcoma
Nathan W. Mesko, MD, Cleveland, OH

Case Presentations and Panel Discussion
Ginger E. Holt, MD, FACS, Nashville, TN