Moderator: David C. Yu, MD, FACS, New Orleans, LA
Co-Moderator: Andreana M. Bütter, MD, FACS, FRCSC, London, ON

General and rural surgeons may be faced with a child with a true intestinal surgical emergency that may not be stable for transfer to a pediatric center. This panel will discuss issues surrounding pediatric intestinal emergencies that they may encounter. This session is aimed at pediatric, general, and rural surgeons.

Presentations and Speakers

Pediatric Critical Care Pearls for the General Surgeon: Shock, Resuscitation, and Fluids 
Pramod S. Puligandla, MD, MSc , FACS, FRCSC, Montreal, QC

Pediatric Surgical Colonic Emergencies
Robert T. Russell, MD, MPH, FACS, Birmingham, AL

Worms and Germs: Appendicitis, Meckel’s Diverticulitis, and Intussusception
Regan F. Williams, MD, FACS, Memphis, TN

Malrotation and Volvulus: To Untwist in Time Saves a Lifetime
Samir R. Pandya, MD, FACS, FAAP, Dallas, TX

Laparoscopic Applications in the Pediatric Trauma Patient
Michael L. Nance, MD, FACS, Philadelphia, PA