Moderator: Thomas K. Varghese, Jr., MD, MS, FACS, Salt Lake City, UT
Co-Moderator: David R. Flum, MD, MPH, FACS, Seattle, WA

A patient’s risk of negative outcomes is often predetermined based on their risk characteristics, but also potentially modifiable in the days and weeks leading up to an operation. While much of the focus of quality initiatives is on in-hospital care, surgeons also have an opportunity to reduce complications by a standardized approach to patient optimization before hospitalization. The evidence related to preoperative optimization related to cigarette cessation, nutrition, medication management, and glucose homeostasis will be reviewed and attendees given step by step approaches to implementing effective office-based risk-reducing strategies. The session will introduce the American College of Surgeons (ACS) supported "Strong for Surgery" initiative, a program that brings preoperative checklists to physicians’ offices to improve clinical outcomes and keep surgeons ahead of the quality initiative curve.

Presentations and Speakers

Strong for Surgery National Campaign: Updates from the Frontlines 
Thomas Varghese, Jr. MD, MS, FACS, and David Flum, MD, FACS