Moderator: Philip P. Goodney, MD, Lebanon, NH
Co-Moderator: Samuel R.G. Finlayson, MD, MPH, FACS, Salt Lake City, UT

While health services research often identifies practice gaps and difficulties, improving and changing practice in surgery is difficult. Implementation science focuses on translating ideas into practice, especially in areas of practice challenges identified in observational and randomized evidence. This panel will focus on three areas of implementation research: patient and provider communication, dissemination of research findings, and operational system design for improvement. Three distinct projects will be described, but all three are integrated efforts which use implementation science to improve practice.

Presentations and Speakers

Implementation Science and Care Transitions in Surgery
Benjamin S. Brooke, MD, PhD, FACS, Salt Lake City, UT

Implementation Science and Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS)—Making Change Happen
Robin S. McLeod, MD, FACS, FRCSC, Toronto, ON