Moderator: John C. Alverdy, MD, FACS, Chicago, IL
Co-Moderator: Susannah E. Nicholson, MD, MSCI, FACS, San Antonio, TX

The microbiome is emerging as a major factor driving human health and disease. For surgeons, microbiome sciences have the potential to change clinical practice by developing science-based approaches to preparing the bowel for surgery, by changing our thinking around wound infections, by tracking the microbiome to detect cancer recurrence, and by elucidating mechanisms by which the microbiome is influenced by surgical injury. Participants will receive updates on the role of the microbiome in cancer detection, anastomotic leak, wound infection, and trauma and critical illness. Prior antibiotic use as a risk factor for surgical complications and practical approaches to mitigate its effect will also be discussed.

Presentations and Speakers

Trauma, Critical Care, and Injury to the Intestinal Microbiome
Susannah E. Nicholson, MD, MSCI, FACS, San Antonio, TX

Postoperative Ileus and Anastomotic Leak: Does the Intestinal Microbiome Influence Outcome? 
Benjamin D. Shogan, MD, Chicago, IL

The Impact of the Microbiome on Cancer Therapy: What the Surgeon Needs To Know
Ryan M. Thomas, MD, FACS, Gainesville, FL

Does Preoperative Antibiotic Exposure Serve as a Biomarker for Outcome in Elective Surgery?
Robert G. Sawyer, MD, FACS, Kalamazoo, MI