Moderator: David J. Welsh, MD, FACS, Batesville, IN
Co-Moderator: Karen B. Zur, MD, New York, NY

Ergonomic injuries present a growing problem for surgeons. There is often a lag from the exposure of the trigger that leads to the injury and recognition of the injury. The 2017 ACS Governors’ Survey reviewed the ergonomic problem, looking at the extent and recognition of this issue. The information will be presented to the Fellows with options to help remedy this growing challenge.

Presentations and Speakers

David J. Welsh, MD, FACS, Batesville, IN

Results of the Governors’ Survey and the Ergonomic Issue
Juan C. Paramo, MD, FACS, Miami Beach, FL

Ergonomic Injuries—Next Steps
Philip R. Caropreso, MD, FACS, Iowa City, IA

Ergonomic Injuries and the Young Surgeon
Maya A. Babu, MD, MBA, Eagan, MN

Treatment for Ergonomic Injuries Including Lumbar Injuries
Yvonne Savarise, PT, DPT, Park City, UT

Ergonomic Considerations and Advocacy for Surgeons: Occupational and Environmental Medicine and Safety Engineering Perspectives    
A.L. Jones, MD