Moderator: William S. Miles, MD, FACS,  Charlotte, NC
Co-Moderator: Ajita S. Prabhu, MD, FACS,  Cleveland, OH 

Patients with enterocutaneous fistulae have their lives completely disrupted. In addition to medical disruptions, there are disruptions to their social and spiritual lives and self-image. Caring for these patients requires a multidisciplinary approach involving nutrition, infection control, wound management, fistula resection, and abdominal wall reconstruction. Additionally, most of these patients have extended stays in both acute and subacute health care settings, often far from their home and social support systems. This panel will review medical care of these patients and then go beyond to include social and spiritual aspects of care important to patients and their families.

Presentations and Speakers

William S. Miles, MD, FACS, Charlotte, NC 
Ajita S. Prabhu, MD, FACS, Cleveland, OH

The Enteroatmospheric Fistula and How It Differs from an Entero-Cutaneous Fistula
William S. Miles, MD, FACS, Charlotte, NC

Managing Succus/Nutrition/Infection: Managing the Patient from “Oh My Goodness” Toward Sanity
Lena M. Napolitano, MD, FACS, Ann Arbor, MI

Dealing with the Psychological and Social Devastation: Both Surgical Team and Patient Perspectives
Judith Scheman, PhD, Cleveland, OH

The Journey’s End: Abdominal Wall Reconstruction and Enteroatmospheric Takedown
Michael J. Rosen, MD, FACS, Solon, OH