Moderator: Juan A. Sanchez, MD, MPA, FACS, Baltimore, MD
Co-Moderator: Ashley S. Vergis, MD, FACS, FRCSC, Winnipeg, MB

Nearly 80 percent of medical errors involve some form of miscommunication particularly during handoffs and transitions of care. The surgical patient is more vulnerable to such failures during the care trajectory across sites of care and providers, beginning with the primary care physician referral. As health care organizations strive to meet high standards for quality and safety, surgeons must understand the importance of safe handoffs, which transmit vital information that is critical to the ongoing care of the patient. The objective is to highlight the importance of safe transitions of care across the entire perioperative spectrum and to showcase tools and effective strategies that enhance communication and improve the quality and reliability of handoffs.

Presentations and Speakers

Handoffs in High-Performance and High-Reliability Organizations: Application of Technology and the Internet of Things
Kevin Lobdell, MD, Charlotte, NC

Structured Communication for Effective Information Transfer
Juan A. Sanchez, MD, MPA, FACS, Baltimore, MD

Managing the High-Risk Perioperative Handoff
John J. Moynihan, MD, FACS, Falls Church, VA