Moderator: David C. Borgstrom, MD, MBA, FACS,  Morgantown, WV
Co-Moderator: Abe L. Fingerhut, MD, FACS, Graz, Austria

All surgeons doing cholecystectomy frequently encounter the patient with a terribly inflamed, thickened gallbladder where delineation of the normal anatomical structures is difficult or even impossible. How do we manage these cases safely?
Course Outline  

Presentations and Speakers

The Difficult Gall Bladder: Setting the Stage and General Principles
David C. Borgstrom, MD, MBA, FACS

2018 Tokyo Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Acute Cholecystitis: Pros and Cons
Abe L. Fingerhut, MD, FACS

What Is the Difficult Gallbladder?
Andrew B. Peitzman, MD, FACS

What to Do When the Critical View of Safety Cannot Be Reached?
Randall S. Zuckerman, MD, FACS

What Is the Role of Percutaneous Cholecystostomy Drainage?
L. Michael Brunt, MD, FACS