Moderator: Frederick D. Brenneman, MD, FACS, Toronto, ON
Co-Moderator: B. Todd Heniford, MD, FACS, Charlotte, NC

Components separation methods have been used for repair of complex abdominal wall hernias for more than 30 years. This session will highlight vital anatomic considerations for various repairs including anterior components release, transversus abdominis release, and retrorectus repairs. It will discuss technical approaches (open, laparoscopic, robotic) and the potential advantages and limitations. Importantly, it presents evidence-based discussion of contemporary outcomes.

Presentations and Speakers

The Algorithmic Approach to the Components Separation Techniques the Right Choice at the Right Time    
Vedra Augenstein, MD

Prevention of the Costly Hernia Failure 
John P. Fischer, MD, MPH, Philadelphia, PA

Robotic Ventral Hernia Repair: Should I and How Should I Get Started? 
Igor Belyansky, MD, FACS, Annapolis, MD

What Is the Role for Traditional Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair? 
William S. Cobb, MD, FACS, Greenville, SC

The #MeshIsBad Phenomenon: How Do We Discuss This with Patients? 
B. Todd Heniford, MD, FACS, Charlotte, NC