Moderator: John B. Hanks, MD, FACS, Charlottesville, VA
Co-Moderator: Gerald B. Healy, MD, FACS, Boston, MA

Many areas of surgery are fraught with tension and stress, not solely related to clinical issues. Resolution is often difficult among peers and superiors. Older surgeons often learned lifelong lessons through such encounters. Our panel will consist of senior surgeons; a chair and a program Director; younger surgeons; and a chief resident and junior attending. Three to four cases of situational ethics will be discussed: Anger management by a senior surgeon, falsification of clinical data by a chief resident, and harassment of operating room personnel. Discussion will include how to communicate concerns and resolution.

Presentations and Speakers

John B. Hanks, MD, FACS, Charlottesville, VA

Case Scenario I: A Senior Leader Receives Continued Complaints from Residents and Operating Room Nurses About a Young Attending’s Abusive and Disruptive Behavior in the Operating Room and on the Wards
Grace S. Rozycki, MD, FACS, Indianapolis, IN

Case Scenario II: A Chief Resident Witnesses Fraudulent Billing or Fraudulent Operating Room Dictations with Upcoding by a Senior Surgeon: To Whom Does He or She Turn?
Grace S. Rozycki, MD, FACS, Indianapolis, IN 

Case Scenario III: A Division Chief Is Faced with a Young Attending Who Has Superb Credentials, but Is Showing Signs of Burnout, Possible Drug Dependence, and Suicidal Tendencies
Jacob Moalem, MD, FACS, Rochester, NY