Moderator: Glenn L. Levine, MD, FACS, Coquille, OR
Co-Moderator: Jennifer C. Knight, MD, FACS Morgantown, WV

Many rural surgeons have limited percutaneous intervention support. In these circumstances, management of acute cholecystitis in anti-coagulated patients or drainage of abscesses requires transfer of patients to a higher level of care. This panel will teach principles of ultrasound technology and ultrasound-guided interventions including percutaneous cholecystostomy, abscess drainage, and central vascular access.

Presentations and Speakers

Ultrasound-Guided Cholecystostomy Tubes and Abscess Drains    
Cynthia Talley, MD

Intensive Care Unit: Bedside Ultrasound-Guided Procedures
Jennifer A. Tripp Schwartz, MD, Harrisburg, PA

Radiological Interventions for the Rural Breast Surgeon
William L. Sims, MD, FACS, Hobart, OK

Coding and Billing Considerations for Ultrasound-Guided Procedure
Nina E. Glass, MD, New York, NY